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Castle In The Air (*)
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"Castle in the Air" was written at 312 West 92nd St in Manhattan. It's the very first song we wrote together. This track is just a demo recorded by our dear friend, Skip Juried. Skip was an amazing engineer who allowed us to come in after other sessions finished and record song after song. Some nights the tape machines would break down or the cables wouldn't work, or we just wouldn't feel great about a song, but Skip was a master in the studio and nothing fazed him. He always brought out the best and the purest in us. There is something about working with a great engineer who knows what he is doing and loves and respects you as an artist. It frees everyone up and makes recording a collaborative art. In those days there was no auto-tune. You put it down and that was that. As you can hear, the music is pure and the message fit the time. We had little money. Sometimes we had next to nothing to eat, but we had music, we had each other, and we had great friends. It was the "best of times."

(*) You can hear Skip's voice at the very beginning of the song.

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